Illumibooth Photo Station

$795 for 3 hours, $895 for 4 hours

The illumibooth is a cool circular enclosure that glows multiple colors.  You can choose a solid red, blue, green, pink or yellow  olor, or have it gradually fade between multiple colors.  Same awesome DSLR Cameras and Studio lighting as our other photo systems offer and the prints are ready in just 6 seconds, which keeps the line moving and minimizes any waiting for your guests.  

  • 4"x6" 3 or 4 photo print designs

  • Free Reprints (everyone gets a copy!)

  • Photoshare Kiosks allows guests to email images instantly

  • Choice of Backdrop

  • Fun props including Hats, Mustaches, Masks & other items

  • Unlimited Prints

  • Available Custom faux Leather Scrapbook

  • Online delivery of images via Dropbox

  • Setup is 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep

Price listed above is "out the door," we don't have hidden fees like taxes or gratuity.  If you would like to make it "fancier" add our Red Carpet for $50. For outdoor events we also offer a 10x10 tent enclosure for $50.

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